Havenview Primary School provides an inclusive environment that values each student as an individual, meeting their needs where they are at. We strive to build quality relationships and a strong sense of belonging within our school community through living the DECYP Values of Connection, Growth, Courage, Respect and Responsibility and our HPS Expectations of doing our best, being positive learners, respectful and caring and acting safely and responsibly.

The commitment of our teachers means they continually assess the impact of their teaching and seek ways to improve, ensuring quality instruction and strong learning outcomes for our students. Explicit instruction, and an approach that supports and scaffolds students to success forms the basis of our teaching and learning in all curriculum areas. With small group and individual intervention provided for identified students.

Our school is situated in a beautiful park-like setting, five-minutes south-east of the Burnie CBD. With such a stunning environment and Outdoor Learning Space – we are well situated for learning to occur both within the classroom walls and outside, with opportunities to participate in gardening, cooking and other hands-on learning experiences.

Students participate in Music, Physical Education, Art, Quality Literature and Wellbeing – Social and Emotional Awareness and regulation strategies are explicitly taught. Launching into Learning (LiL) runs every Thursday morning, and we offer Pre-Kinder every Friday from Term 3 onwards.

Breakfast Club is accessible every day from 8:30am and a sit-down hot lunch is provided twice a week through our involvement with School Food Matters.

With a current population of around 130 students from Kinder to Year 6, each child is known by all, well, safe and motivated to learn.