Latrobe High School is located in the Municipality of Latrobe and is part of a very close-knit and active community. Students of Latrobe High school, have built strong relationships and partnerships with many local sporting clubs, and especially, have a close link with the local Senior Citizens, having organised for, and participated in many activities with their members. The Latrobe area has a high growth rate with consistent home constructions over the past 4-5 years.


At Latrobe High School, we are committed to working collaboratively through continuous cycles of inquiry. We collectively research to improve student learning outcomes and teacher instruction. We want students to enjoy a wide range of school experiences, and to become highly competent in the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy. We have high standards and high expectations and focus on structuring our programs to enable students to learn well, participate fully and develop strong relationships with other people. Our programs are based on our four values; Learning, Resilience, Respect, Positive Relationships, and the expectation is that everyone’s actions and behaviours will align with these values. We focus on developing positive relationships, and a pleasant and challenging environment for all students to learn.


Latrobe High Schools vision is ‘Inspiring Positive Futures’, and we work hard to make sure all students are successful at school. We believe that with the appropriate care, differentiated opportunities, and learning adjustments, all students have the opportunity to learn at high levels and become successful independent lifelong learners.