Princes Street Primary School is situated in Sandy Bay and has been an important part of the Sandy Bay community since it opened in 1922. The school is located near the University of Tasmania, and this has led to a history of children from diverse backgrounds attending the school. This has provided a wonderful backdrop to the emphasis we place on valuing each other, developing respectful relationships, and ensuring a sense of belonging.

The school currently has more than 23 different nationalities. We work to establish strong relationships between home and school, especially for our international families.  This ensures a feeling of belonging within the school community.

The school provides students with an excellent start to learning in a wonderfully supportive environment. We are a school community that is committed to achieving the best for all of our children, and we continue to strive to build strong relationships year upon year.

Our vision: An Enterprising Learning Community Excelling in an Interconnected World. Our school continuously focuses on learning in an ever-changing world. We encourage all learners to aim for their best through our school values: Positive Thinking, Creativity, High Expectations, Honesty and Respect.

At Princes Street we aim to build strong foundation skills in reading, writing and mathematics. This recognises our school values and involves various members our community.

We encourage and support our students to lead rich and fulfilling lives and to make positive contributions as global citizens.