Welcome to Romaine Park Primary School. We proudly nurture students in an inclusive and diverse environment. We strive for an exceptional educational experience. Our commitment is evident in our modern facilities, dedicated staff, and supportive community.

Modern Facilities

We recognise the importance of a secure and enriching learning space. Our school features modern facilities. They ensure that every student is known, safe, well and learning. We foster an atmosphere that stimulates curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Our well-equipped classrooms and access to technology play a key role.

Inclusion and Diversity

We celebrate diversity. We cultivate an inclusive culture where each student is valued and respected. We are committed to embracing differences. This fosters a sense of belonging and unity among students, staff, and families.

Great Staff

Our passionate educators have a wealth of experience. They are committed to our learners. They create a positive and engaging learning environment. They inspire students to explore, learn, and grow, ensuring a fulfilling educational journey.

We understand the significance of support for holistic development. We prioritise creating a caring atmosphere where students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Our Early Years Program is exceptional. It encompasses Launching into Learning and the LIFT initiative. It lays a strong foundation for a child’s education. Experienced educators engage young learners and their families. They prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

We prioritise student wellbeing. We recognise the essential link between a healthy mind and academic success. Our programs promote mental and physical wellness, providing support for personal development.

Romaine Park sets high expectations. It offers guidance and resources to empower students for academic and personal success. Our commitment to achievement instils a sense of responsibility. This prepares students for future endeavours.

Our values are respect, courage, growth, connection, and responsibility. They shape our students’ character. These values foster a positive, supportive community where everyone can thrive.

Join us at Romaine Park Primary School, where education is a foundation for a lifetime of success. Together, we embark on a journey of learning, growth, and discovery. This is a place where every student is valued, every voice is heard, and every dream is encouraged.